Yam / Cassava Hot Air Tray Dryer, Tray Dryer / Fruits and Vegetables Hot Air Dryer


Industrial Hot Air Dryer for : Fruits, Banana, Yam, Cassava, Apple, Papaya, Dried Fruits And Vegetables,
Pharmaceutical Products, Chemical Industry, Food Industry, Aquatic Products,
Traditional Medicines etc.


Working Principle :-
Autopack’s hot air circulating drying oven is equipped with low-noise & high temperature-resistant axial flow fan and automatic temperature control system. The whole circulating system is completely closed, which can improve the thermal efficiency from traditional 3-7% to current 35-45%, and the maximum thermal efficiency could be up to 50%.
The drying process is that the raw material is heated in the trays with hot air circulation, the wet moisture is taken out from material and is exhausted outside the drying chamber at the same time.


Features :-

- Hot air is circulated inside the oven to ensure a high drying efficiency and save energy.

- It uses enhanced ventilation and equipped with adjustable air distribution for uniform drying.

- It’s batch operation so can adjust process condition anytime. Thus can change product from time to time.

- Suitable for drying high-value product or small-batch product.

- Feed and dry material in tray, easy to load and unload.

- Low noise and steady operation, the temperature is controlled automatically.


Production Samples