Tube Ice Machines


It is best for human consumption or used to freeze drinks / beverages, mix wines, cooling of food products, make ice pastries and poultry processing, meat plants etc.


1. Iceberg Tube Ice Machine is designed with the best ice making system; all fittings are assembled in the steel frame with strict quality and technique control.


2. All surfaces contacting with water and ice are made of stainless steel SUS304 or other anti-corrosive material.


3. The installation of tube ice machine is very easy, only need to connect water and power for the machine, the test run of machine is done by our engineers in our factory before despatch.


4. Ice harvest through hot Freon gas, ice output rate is very fast, the whole ice-doffing process only takes 2 to 3 minutes. And it continuously runs stably, without any energy wasting and gives high efficient working.


5. Tube ice comes out automatically with specially designed ice outlet, it can also be matched with our semi-automatic ice packing machine so that the ice to be packed into plastic bags.


6. PLC system controls the ice making process automatically.


7. Unique water distributive pan and air mouth, the water can evenly flow on the tube wall of the evaporator spirally, so it improves the heat transfer efficiency.

Features & Benefits of ICEBERG Tube ice machine are as follows:

- Capacity from 1.5-55 tons/24 hours

– Packaged type equipment for 1.5 – 5 tons capacity

Good shape tubes and arrange on various sizes

– Ammonia/ R22/ environment friendly refrigerant

– Operate with high temperature make up water

– Eligible to install in ambient temperature

– Easy and low cost maintenance.

– Simple to operate, long life and low energy.


Production Samples