Suction Filling Machine / Timer Filling Machine

Applications :-

This machine can be used to fill Medicine, Cosmetics and chemicals in liquid or semi-liquid form, Beverage, Alcohol, Oil, Household Chemicals, Pesticides, Tooth-Paste, Cream, Jam, Shoe Polish, Ink, Starch Gum, Cold Cream, and Butter etc.

Features :-


1. This machine adopts the self-suction pump which is suitable for filling edible or corrosive material like beverage, alcohol, oil, glue, household chemicals, drug, pesticides etc.

2. The structure is stainless steel and very simple to operate.

3. The filling capacity is adjustable and accurate measure.

Specifications :


Voltage 220V 50Hz
Power 400/800W
Filling speed 600-1800pcs/Hour 
Pouring Quantify 100 ml – Infinity
Filling accuracy ±2%