Sleeve Wrapper / Applicator With Tunnel

Applications :

Cans, Mineral Water Bottles, Beer, Drinks both with and without bottom-tray,
Pesticides Bottles, Pharmaceutical Bottles, Cosmetic Items Like Talcum Powder Bottle, Books & Stationery Like Playing Cards, Mineral water, Food Products, Soap & shampoo Bottle, Gift Items , Welding rods , Etc.

Description :-

Sleeve Wrapper / Applicator is suitable for wrapping pop-cans, bottles, jars, etc. both with bottom-tray and without bottom-tray, working with shrink tunnels.

Characteristics: –

- Up and down magnetic switches to protect the operators from accidents.

- The input position is adjustable, base on the size of products packaged.

- Big conveyer motor with stepless speed regulating, ensures smooth feeding.

- Up and down large power fan system ensures the excellent effect of shrinking in one time.

- Super cooling system cools the packing to make the film more durable.

The size of the machine can be customized as per customer’s requirement.

Specifications : –

Power supply

220-240V, 50-60Hz;1.8KW



Sealing time/shrink time

0.5-1.5s, 0-0.6s

Conveyor loading



Production Samples