Shrink Wrapping / Packing Machine Big Size

Applications :

Cans, Mineral Water Bottles, Beer, Drinks both with and without bottom-tray, Gift Items, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals & Chemical Products, Medical Equipments, Automobile Components etc.

Description :-

Autopack Shrink Tunnels are the perfect fast finish for shrink-packaging line. Our shrink tunnels are tough, reliable and built to last. They provide control of heat and speed to make certain shrink-packaging job ends well with a clear, smooth cover that shows product at its best, strong and smart-looking package.

The machine adopts digital temperature controller, which makes operation easier. Quartz heating pipes are located on the top, bottom and sides of the shrink tunnel. Two fans in Control box which cools down panel components in order to protect electronic components. Conveyor motor cools down by fan underneath. The powerful fan produces even hot airflow inside of shrink tunnel. The speed of the conveyer is adjustable. Conveyor has option of chain roller and iron net.

The size of the machine can be customized as per customers requirement

Specifications : –

Power supply

3phase 220V/380V 50-60HZ

Heater power

18KW Adjuster

25KW Adjuster

27KW Adjuster

Conveyer speed


Tunnel size(L*W*H)




Conveyer loading

Max. 25Kgs

Max. 25Kgs

Max. 25Kgs


Production Samples