Semi Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine / Semi Automatic Blister Forming Machine

Application :-

Used in Production of Sweet Boxes, Dry Fruit Trays, Biscuit Trays, Chocolate Trays, Meal Tray, Cosmetic Tray, Burger Boxes, Ampoules Tray, Partition Trays, Egg Trays and also can be used for blister forming for varieties of food, pharmacy and consumer products such as batteries, pencil cell and tooth brush etc.

Semi Auto Vacuum Forming Machines are suitable for processing those reeling sheets including PVC, PS, PSP, PP, PET, PP etc. It can be used for producing different specification of plastic containers, such as disposable fast-food containers, instant noodle bowls, western dinner plates, food packing containers, plastic containers for packing articles of daily use, hardware coverings, children’s toys and etc.

Our range of Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine can be used for the processing of various thermoplastics, sheets such as PVC, HIPS, LDPE, ABS, EPS and PP.

We also offer true infrared ceramic heaters for single or double side heating.

Features :-


Thickness of Sheet

0.1-1.2 mm

Length of Forming

860 mm

Width of Forming

610 mm

Height of Forming

=140 mm

Suitable Material



3-8 cycles/min

Oven Heater Power

15 kw

Speed Ratio of Suction

=75 m3/h

Exhausted Air Volume

=0.7 m3/h

=0.7 m3/h

Power Source

380/220V,50Hz, Triphase


Production Samples