Semi – Auto PET Bottle Blowing Machine

Applications : -

Mineral water, Carbonated drink, Juice, Medicine, Cosmetic, Oil, Pharmaceutical, Pet Cans, Jars Bottles etc.

Description :-

This stretched blow molding machine is a semi-automatic machine, which is suitable to produce different shaped of PET/PC/PE bottle. It can blow 100ml to 2000ml bottles is widely used to produce Mineral water, carbonated drink, juice, medicine, cosmetic oil bottles etc.

PET Blow Moulding Machines for PET bottle production. Our Automatic PET Blow Moulding Machines have wider wide-mouth capability, faster production rates, and shorter changeover times. Also have features such as preferential heating or heat-setting capability. Our Two stage Plastic PET machines can make bottles from round to flat bottle styles. With our two stage Automatic PET Blow Molding Machines you can produce various different shaped PET containers, such as mineral water bottle, beverage bottle, cosmetics bottle, medicine bottle, pesticide bottle, edible oil bottle, milk bottle, Juice bottle and many more types of Plastic PET Bottles.


Low labor consumption, high output, uniform bottle quality, easy and safe operation, and short changeover times make this system very efficient to operate, are the main features of our plastic machine range to meet the needs of various applications. It comes with one or two cavities and makes bottles or jars up to 5L at rates around 1200 bottles/hr

Specification : –

Material / PET/PP/PE/PC
Volume L 0.2-2.5(2-cavity)/3-6(1-cavity)
Theoritical output Pcs/h 800-1100 / 400-600
Max.length mm 360
Max.diameter mm 180
Max.mould thickness mm 160-240
Clamping force KN 180
Mould opening stroke(Adjustable) mm 200
Power KW 12
Voltage/Frequency V/HZ 220/380/50-60

Production Samples