Automatic Box / Carton Taping Machine

Automatic Carton Taping Machine sealing and packing cartons, which can be used either independently or as a necessary part of a production line.

The machine can adjust itself to different sizes of cartons. This machine adopts pneumatic control for packing cartons automatically; it overcomes some disadvantages against manual or semi-auto machine, such as slow speed and the unstable quality. This machine does not damage the surface of packaged objects.

Features :

- Sealing different sizes of cartons without adjustment, it will be fitted automatically.

- The sealing pressure is adjustable, according to the different materials of cartons.

- The pushing strength of the movement arms on two-side can be regulated according to the weight of cartons.

- Two-side movement arms adjust the objects packaged to the right position automatically.

- The movement frame is driven by double air-jar, smart and smoothly, using long time.

- The 25kg carton can be conveyed steadily by large power convey motor.

- Pneumatic and electric parts combine perfectly, with convenient and simple operation.


Carton size (L)200~600 (W)150~500(H)120~500mm
Table height min. 650 /max.800mm
Belt speed 20(m/min)
Machine size L)1690x(W)830x(H)1180mm
Power Supply: 110/220V single phase, 50/60Hz, or specify by client
Pneumatic 5kg/95cm2
Table width 48mm, 75mm
Machine net weight approx. 230kgs

Features :-

- High speed sealing system, with no holding time of pouch due to continuous conveyor.
- Compact and robust machine.
- Very simplified operation and almost zero maintenance.
- Efficient forced cooling system for highly integrated sealing.
- Conveyor can be adjusted up and down to accommodate various heights of the pouch.
- Pouch guide system for straight sealing.
- Digital temperature control system for easy display and accurate control of the temperature of the heaters.