Plastic Injection Dustbin Molds / Mould

Description :

We offer custom mould making solutions as low costs to boost you profit margins. We are high quality plastic injection mold supplier in India and African Market with state of art technology to help us achieve best results. One of the finest mold suppliers with sophisticated mold shop to design and develop multi cavity molds.


Cap molds, closure molds, ball pen molds, flip top molds and many more precision multi cavity molds are available as per customers demand.


If your goal is to minimize mould investment costs and maximize your competitive edge along with good quality, be sure to ask our experienced tooling experts for a quote.


We also have a very extensive range of the Plastic Injection Moulds for the engineering components. These Plastic injection moulds are very highly efficient and are manufactured from the quality steel. These plastic injection moulds have high durability and they are long lasting. Besides our regular range of the plastic injection moulds it is also used in the engineering industries.


Step :


1. R&D

We support customer R&D. Make the files or improve the design if required.


2. Negotiation

The quality, price, material, delivery time, payment item, etc.


3. Place an order

According your own design or you chooses our design.


4. Mould

to customers request to build the mould. We send
mould design to customer for approval first, before moving forward to
production; we send samples to customer to confirm first.


5. Sample shoot

If the first sample come out is not satisfactory by customer, we modify the mould until meets customer’s satisfaction.


6. Products in store

If your quantity is beyond our storage, we will provide lead time to you.


7. Delivery

Deliver goods by sea or by air, according customer’s requirement.


Production Samples