PET Sheet Extruding Machine / PET Sheet Extruder

Pet Sheet Feature:-

PET sheets, has the feature of excellent processing capacity, high transparency, easy to be recycled.It is particularly good for good or medicine packing.


Pet Sheet Applications:-

Vacuum forming: food packager; toy box; stationery case; tool and hardware packing

Obstruct packing: for electric components packing

Normal application: Folded Forming, Collar Lining, Decoration Material, File Folder, Document Cover, credit cards

Special application: Medical Instrument Packing, Medicine Packing,

Industrial Anti- sepsis, RoastingTray of Microwave Oven(CPET)

Pet Sheet Production Line Characteristics:-

Machinery line is composedof extruder, screen exchanger, melt pump, die, three roll cylinders, and downstream machinery line.

1. Advanced PLC control system is adopted, and equipped with large color LCD touch screen. Centralized control for the running of the complete machines. several teams of production running data can be stored; 

2.Both screw and machine barrel adopted high quality alloy steel and nitrogen treatment to ensure the surface hardness and machining precision; 

3.Rapid hydraulic net changing device is adopted, thus the production efficiency is high;

 4.The structures of the divider and the T type die head are reasonable. The flow channel is advanced; shunting of each layer is steady and not mixed layer. The thickness can be adjusted. 

5. Three rollers adopt horizontal structure so that the techniques of sheet production are more reasonable and improvable for its quality, adopt double-work position air shaft center rewinder device


Production Samples