Continuous Inkjet Batch Coding Printer

Cost Effective, Reliable and High Quality Industrial Inkjet Printer for Your Coding and Marking Needs
Service Backup / Spares available in Nigeria and throughout West African Region
KGK Japan’s Leading Brand in Collaboration with Autopack – Nigeria is offering Continuous Inkjet Printing Machines
KGK continuous inkjet printing machines are more technologically advanced and cost-effective, which offer high reliability and quality at a good price / performance ratio.KGK is Japan’s leader in the coding and marking industry for both ink jet coders. We provide a complete line of industrial coders and supplies that are able to produce reliable codes at today’s production line speeds. KGK graphics systems provide reliable and cost-effective printing of addresses, personalized messages, bar codes and serialized numbers.


Printing Applications :
  • Printing Expiry and Manufacturing Dates at High Speeds
  • Printing Product Information, Brand Logo and Product Description
  • Printing lot codes, Batch numbers, Bar codes with Consistent Print Quality
  • Printing on Primary Packaging like Wrappers, Foils, Pouches, Bottles, Containers
  • Printing  on almost all types of secondary packaging like Boxes, Cartons, Cases
  • Printing Permanent / Temporary and Consistent Codes


Suitable for Industries :-
Packaging Industry Beverages
Cosmetics Packed Food Items
Pharmaceuticals Chemical Products
Automobile parts Electronic Components
Eggs Pipes & Tubes
Cables & Wires Plastic
Glass Wood
Paper Ceramics Metal Industries


Features :
  • The machine body is made of robust stainless steel material.
  • Machine can be operated under wider environment conditions, our Inkjet Printer can be operational under the temperature conditions between 0 and 40 degrees C die to the special heater built in the print head.
  • Adaptable and designed to meet extreme working conditions. There is no worry about the highly dusty environment to operate this machine.No external air compressor is required.
  • As our print head has been designed so compact that printing on various shaped products is easily possible.
  • Our special “Interval Mechanism” which automatically re-circulate the ink even during non-operational time and so it eliminates risk of nozzle blocking due to dried ink for the use after a long non-operational condition.
  • Prints consistently high quality images even on structured and uneven surfaces.
  • Print features include Date, Time and Batch number, Logo and Barcode, Trademark.
  • Easy to integrate at any position of the production line.
  • User friendly interface and most reliable ink system.
  • Easy to Operate and almost negligible breakdown.
  • Our sales network and service backup system is throughout Nigeria. Our technical and support engineering team are always ready to respond and support customers.
Specifications :
Printing method Continuous type Charge control system)Ink Jet Printer
Letter height 1-10mm
Printing speed Maximum 2,000leters/sec (at 5×5dots font, letter interval of 1
Printing objects Paper, metals, plastics, glass, wood etc.
Ink CN1black (mild solution-based black ink)CN5black-A1(MEK-based super-adhesive black ink)CN505black (Oil-resistant and super-adhesive black ink)

CN101black (Fast drying black ink)

Letters Alphabet (large/small letter), figures,symbol, hiragana, katakana, kanji
(JIS first and second standard), user registered letters, simplified Chinese
characters (GB2312)
Printing lines and dots construction 5×5:1-4 lines7×5, 7×8 dots:1-3 lines12×10, 10×8, 9×7, 9×9 dots:1-2 lines

24×24, 24×18, 16×12, 16×16 dots:1 lines

Fonts Ming-cho, Block
Number of message Maximum 50 messages can be registered.
Date, Time (Exp. Date) capability Dominical year, imperial era name, Year month date, day of the week, time(12/24
systems), Number of the days and weeks through the year, Beginning, Middle
and later in the month (Period can be adjusted., AM/PM, assignment of
letters (assign letters to the numbers of date
Numbering capability Maximum 8 lines, voluntary initial number, up/down, carry, (1 count can
be set 1-9999 works), zero suppress (substitute high-order zero by space),
assignment of letters (assign letters to the numbers)
Communication method RS-232C Maximum38400bps
Head cable 3.5m
Nozzle diameter 50µm
Data input Full keyboard, RS-232C communication
Dimension Body: Height 674mm×Width 450mm×Depth 300mmPrint head: Height 40mm×Width 40mm×Depth 199mm
Use environment 0-40ºC 10%-80%RH No dew condensation)
Power AV220V 50/60Hz 70W (100VA)AV230V 50/60Hz 70W (100VA)