Industrial Tray Dryers for Fruits & Vegetables / Commercial Drying Oven / Dehydrator for Fruits & Vegetables

Belt Type Dryer
Belt Type Dryer

Applications :-
Medicines of raw materials, Traditional herbs, Powders, Granules,
Sliced vegetable and fruit, Dehydrated Vegetables, Yam, Cassava,


Working Principle :-

The drying is the process that the raw material heated in the trays
with hot air circle, the wet moisture take out from material will be
exhausted outside at the same time.


Features :-

  • Hot air is circled inside the oven, so ensure a high drying efficiency and save energy.
  • It used enhanced ventilation, and equipped with adjustable air distributor, lead to a uniform drying.
  • It’s batch operation, so can adjust process condition anytime. Thus can change product from time to time, so very suitable for drying high-value product or small-batch product.
  • Feed and dry material in tray, easy for load and unload, not easy cause any damage for the raw material, clean conveniently.
  • With low noise and steady operation, and the temperature can be controlled automatically.
  • With a widely applied field, can be suitable for all kinds of raw material. It’s a comprehensive dryer.

Production Samples