Induction Sealing Machine – Air Cooled

Description :-

The working principal of the machine is heated by electromagnetic induction.

The heat from un- contacting induction makes the induction fil and aluminum foil melts together, and then seals to the bottle.

Induction sealing machines is the fastest and effective way of sealing the containers with foil membranes. These machines are ideal for all types of containers & can be easily incorporated in the production lines.

Its inner foil seal provides a true hermetic oxygen barrier which prolongs product life along with preventing leakage.

The sealing heads suit screw closures from 12mm to 150mm in diameter. Adjustable sealing heads are also offered that can be mounted over the production lines to seal containers having varying capacity & height.

Applications :-


Insecticides, Pesticides, Adhesives, Photo Chemicals, Flux, Household Cleaning Products


Coolants, Lubricants, Break Oil.


Milk, Yogurt.


Creams, Scrubs, Shampoos, Lotions, Hair Oil.


Toothpaste, Filling Cement.

Health Care

Neutracueticals, Herbal Powders
Food Supplements, Vitamins.


Tablets, Capsules, Oral Suspensions, Syrups, Dry Syrups.


Jams, Edible Oil, Food Flavors, ketchup, Lozenges, Confectionary, Salad Dressings, Pickles,
Mouth Fresheners, Condiments, Spices.


Powder Drinks, Flavored Milk, Juices, Fruit Syrups, Coffee Concentrate, Tea Leaves.

Benefits Of Induction Cap Sealing

Better Quality

• No Leakage

• Increased Shelf life

• Tamper Evident

Higher Productivity

• Suitable for automated lines

• Conveyorized production possible

Reduced Costs

• No product recalls

• Uniform sealing 

• No operator required

Specification : –

Voltage: 220V/50-60Hz

Power: ≤1,500W

Capacity: 0-12m/s

Sealing diameter:50-130mm

Suitable height of bottles: 40-300mm


Production Samples