Ice Cubes Making Machine, Cube Ice Machine




It is best for human consumption or used to freeze drinks / beverages, mix wines, cooling of food products, restaurants, lodgings, fast food stores, super markets, schools, night clubs & bars etc.


With an ice production capacity ranging from 50kg / Day to 2000kg / Day, Iceberg Technology can fulfill your special demands and we have dependable products available for any requirements. Our cube ice machines are widely used in restaurants, lodgings, fast-food stores, supermarkets, healthcare centers, schools, Night clubs & bars, etc.


Our ice cube machines are made of stainless steel evaporator, which can freeze the purest water to make bright crystal cubes with a high water displacement. The quiet system of our cube ice makers is dependable, durable with long lifespan and as well energy-efficient. Our cubes allow liquids to flow over it more easily whether pouring from bottles or dispensers and there is no splashing.


Production Samples