Glass / Trays Making Machine / Thermoforming Machine for Cups

Description :-

Plastic thermoforming machine adopts the most advanced thermoforming machine technology and was developed to be a forming machine of high production efficiency. It is a combination of mechanical, Electrical and Pneumatic components, and the whole system is controlled by micro PLC. The machine has man- interface operation and combines Heating, Forming, Cutting and Stacking into one process.

It is suitable to form BOPS, HIPS, PS, PVC, PET Sheet that can produce cups, glass, trays, fast-food boxes, dishes and lids etc.

Applications :-




Max.Forming Area mm 600×200
Max.Forming Depth mm = 140
Production Rate (time/min) 15-32
Motor kw 7.5
Max.Heating Power kw 60
Max Hydraulic Pressure Mpa 8.0
Max Air Pressure Mpa 0.8
Application PP、PS、PE、HIPS

Production Samples