Four Line Film Sealing and Cutting Machine / Double Layer Four Line Film Sealing & Cutting Machine


Discriptions :-

This machine is used for sealing and cutting natural colour polyethylene (PE)film and polypropylene(PP)film to make vest bags and flat-rim bags which have been widely used for packing bags in the food industry, garment industry and textile industry etc, and this machine can also be used for sealing, cutting and making degradable plastic bags.

Characteristics :-

This machine adopts two-layer four wire welding to increase economic benefit and save labour with such advantages as electronic counting, automatic alarm and film feeding by photoelectric control, etc.

Specifications : –

 Sealing and Cutting Width  10-400mm   10-550mm   10-650mm   10-850mm   10-1000mm
 Sealing and Cutting length  800mm  800mm  1100mm  1100mm  1600mm
 Sealing and Cutting Thickness  0.006-0.15mm  0.006-0.15mm  0.006-0.15mm  0.006-0.15mm  0.006-0.15mm
 Sealing and Cutting Speed  100-204pcs/min  100-408pcs/min  80-200pcs/min  50-120pcs/min  40-120pcs/min
 Power of Main Motor  1.1Kw  1.1Kw  1.5Kw  1.5Kw  2.2Kw
 Power of Motor  2×100w  4×100w  2×300w  2×300w  400w
 Heating Power  2×600w  2×800w  2×1000w  2×1200w  2×1500w
 Temperature of Welding Knife  0-300°  0-300°  0-300°  0-300°  0-300°