Drinking Straw Making Machine / Plastic Straw Extruder

Application :-

Used in Production of Drinking Straw, Cotton Buds Stick, Lolli-Pop Stick, Ball-Pen Core, Toy Tube, Drop Tube, and other industrial small shaped Pipes

PP Straw making Machine is ideal for small production. The system is also suitable for extruding straws, refluxes and most small diameter tubing and a wide range of industrial applications.

Machine is composed of extruder, die, vacuum calibration, cooling unit, haul-off and rotary cutter and all the machines controls base with the control elements with easy operation.

It can be used to produce different kinds of straws such as one color, double color and three color spiral strip straw ,medical pipe etc.

This machine is a professional equipment of making different kinds of drinking straws. The machine can produce different specifications of tubes by only changing the mould.


Production Samples