Direct Heating Foot Sealing Machine

Applications :

To seal all kinds of heat sealable pouches of any product as Sugar, coffee, tea, snacks, dry fruits, nuts, rice, cereals, corn flakes, cashew nuts, pulses, candy, spices, milk powder, detergent powder, pesticides etc.

These powerful sealers are used to seal bags for a great variety of industries and applications. They are economical and easy to use, and are perfect for light-to-mid-duty bag sealing applications. They can seal a wide variety of heat-sealable materials, including PE, BOPP, Cellophane, and laminations.

Direct Heat Foot Sealer with wide sealing mesh textured sealing surface. Machine features dial thermostat to set the optimal sealing temperature (0-300C) for your application. Direct hot sealers offer a strong seal ideal for Ideal for coated aluminum foil, Kraft paper, cellophane, gusseted bags and other thick materials. Both jaws are heated simultaneously for better heat penetration to seal thicker materials. Sealers with a horizontal or serrated line seal will produce a seal with straight lines running across the seal, commonly used on bags of candy, chips, and coffee.

Heat Controlled by the accurate electronic, Thermostatic and precision components. Direct Sealing by its even heat distribution. Useful for laminated, multilayer BOPP and polyster pouches.

The sealing process is simple:

The operator places the bag between the sealing jaws and presses onto the pedal thus activating the unit. The seal process ends automatically once the preset seal time is reached. The operator retrieves the sealed bag and repeats the process. Bags are sealed repeatedly and uniformly.

Specifications :
CE   Source
Seal Power
Max Seal Length
Heat Temp.
  100-240 250 200 50~300
  350 300
  420 400

Production Samples