Continuous Vacuum Type Yam Powder Dryer / Vacuum Belt Dryer for food / chemicals

Belt Type Dryer
Belt Type Dryer

Working Principle :-
Vacuum Belt Dryer can accomplish continuous feeding and discharging of material in vacuum state, turn the traditional static drying to dynamic vacuum drying, reduce traditional drying time from 10-20 hours to 30-60 minutes, reach the goal of adjusting drying temperature according to different materials, and solve the problems difficult for spray dryer, and also solve the problem of denaturalization of material due to the long time drying by traditional oven. Vacuum Belt Dryer can create the drying process which traditional dyers can not fulfill. The color, solubility and the preservation of the active ingredient of the dried product by Vacuum Belt Dryer is perfect.


Advantages of Vacuum Belt Dryer :-

  • Short drying time (adjustable between 30-90 minutes)
  • Minimum loss of aroma
  • High yield of final products(99%)
  • No Oxidation of product
  • Solvent recycling possible
  • Low product temperatures (adjustable between 20°C-150°C)
  • Less energy consumption
  • Completely closed system
  • Environment friendly
  • Good instant properties of the drier products
  • PLC Automatic control system
  • CIP Cleaning system
  • GMP Standards