Coding Ink / Fluids

Silent Features :


- Ink for Inkjet Coding Printer

- Solvent Inkjet Ink

- Never Jams the Nozzle

- Clear Printing

- High Quality & Competitive Price


We have two types of consumables: Ink and Make-Up Fluid.


Make-up fluid is mixed with the ink to always ensure proper chemistry of the printed fluid is maintained. Part of its function is used to “make-up” for the solvent that is evaporated during the CIJ process to ensure consistent ink performance.


Good performance demands fluid formulated to avoid chemical reaction, so make-up fluid and ink must be highly compatible and tuned to prevent poor printer operation, increased maintenance cost and downtime.


We offer inks that penetrate thin layers of condensation, withstand the pasteurization process, offer great adhesion on many material, including: steel, aluminum, glass, metal and wax coated substrates, and a variety of plastics, including; tough-to-code BOPP, PE flexible films, PP, HDPE, and LDPE.



- Scratch and rub resistance on flexible packaging.

- Penetration of light oil coating on plastic and metal.

- Higher print speed and print quality.

- Adhesion to waxy substrates and general purpose plastics.

- Fast dry for high-speed processes.

- Good fade-resistance.

– Heat resistance.

– Food grade for direct marking on food packaging and materials.

- Formulations for bright codes on dark surfaces.

– Inks with dry times less than 1 second.

- UV cure, UV readable and chemical-resistant formulations.

– Inks that withstand condensation for cold-fill applications & Suitable for retort processes.

– Water and moisture resistant.

– Provides complete protection against dust and water.