Continuous Belt Type Dryer for Yam / Cassava / Continuous Belt Type Dryer for Fruits / Vegetables

Belt Type Dryer
Belt Type Dryer
Belt Type Dryer

Industrial Hot Air Dryer for : Fruits, Banana, Yam, Cassava, Apple, Papaya, Dried Fruits And Vegetables,
Pharmaceutical Products, Chemical Industry, Food Industry, Aquatic Products,
Traditional Medicines etc.


Working Principle :-
The raw materials are evenly distributed on the conveyer belt through suitable mechanisms such as star distributor, swing belt, crusher or granulator, then the conveyer passes through the channel including several heating units. Each heating unit is equipped with air heater and circulation system. Each channel has one or several damp discharge systems. When the conveyer passes through it making the hot air will pass through the raw material from down to bottom and vice versa. In this way materials are dried evenly.


Features :-

- Hot air go through material layer from bottom to top and vice versa, it increases the contact area of material and hot air making the drying intensity.

- We adopt unique internal air blowing device which not only increases the relative speed of material and hot air and drying intensity but also makes the uniform drying of materials.

- It is fully enclosed structure. There are no outer air pipes except the dehumidifying air pipe making the improved heating efficiency and working condition

- It is easy to reach at all parts inside the main machine, making it easy for cleaning.

- The conveyor belt speed can be controlled to ensure the final moisture of products


Production Samples