Continuous Band Sealing Machine


Applications :

To seal all kinds of heat sealable laminated and LDPE pouches of any product as Sugar, coffee, tea, snacks, dry fruits, nuts, rice, cereals, corn flakes, cashew nuts, pulses, candy, spices, milk powder, detergent powder, pesticides etc.


Band sealer or Automatic continuous pouch packing machine is used for sealing of pre-filled pouches of granular and free flowing products in a wide range of consumer packs with high speed, efficient and user friendly manner.


Silent Features :

- Continuous Sealing Machine

- High Efficiency

- With Date Printing

- Easy to Operate


Features :

- High speed sealing system, with no holding time of pouch due to continuous conveyor.

- Compact and robust machine.

– Very simplified operation and almost zero maintenance.

- Efficient forced cooling system for highly integrated sealing.

– Conveyor can be adjusted up and down to accommodate various heights of the pouch.

- Pouch guide system for straight sealing.

- Digital temperature control system for easy display and accurate control of the temperature of the heaters.

Specifications :

Voltage (V/Hz)

AC 220/50 110/60

Motor Power (W)


Sealing Power(W)


Printing Heating Power(w)


Speed (m/min)

0-12 (0-16)

Sealing Width(mm)

8 10

Temperature Range( )


Printing Type

Solid Ink Roller

Distance From Sealing Center to the Conveyor(mm)




Conveyor Size(L × W)(mm)


Max. Conveyor Loading for Single Bag(kg)


Overall Conveyor Loading(kg)



Production Samples