Box Strapping Machine – High Desk

Box Strapping Machine –

High Desk is suitable for cartons, calcium-plastic cases, books, soft and hard packages as well as all kinds of articles in square, cylinder or annulations.



Box Strapping machine is widely used in various fields such as light industry, foodstuffs, foreign trade, printing, medicine, post etc.


Advantages :

- Time Saving

- Man Power Saving

- Unbreakable Joint

- Uniform Tension

- Metal Clip Saving

- Strap Saving

- Low Power Consumption

- Better Corporate Image

Specifications :

Cycle Time 1.5 sec/strap
tension range 15~45 kgs
Strap Width 6,9,12,15.5 adjustable
Sealing Method Heating element
Reel Inside Diameter 200mm
Power Supply 220/50/PH
Table Height 780mm
Power Consumption 0.5 KW
Weight 115 Kgs

Production Samples