Continuous Band Sealer With Nitrogen Filling


Applications :

To seal all kinds of heat sealable laminated and LDPE pouches of any product as Sugar, coffee, tea, snacks, dry fruits, nuts, rice, cereals, corn flakes, cashew nuts, pulses, candy, spices, milk powder, detergent powder, pesticides etc.


This improved automatic continuous sealer and gas filling mechanism. Mainly used in the packaging of puffed food, the machine fills the bag with nitrogen gas before sealing to inflate the bag in order to protect goods during transit and provides longer shelf life.

Silent Features :

- Continuous Sealing Machine

- With Nitrogen Gas Filling

- Adjustable Height

- Heavy Duty


Features :

* Designed for light to medium contents of bags.

* Most reliable, strong and attractive band sealing.

* Packing materials like PP, PE, LD, LLDD, HM, HM HD, Aluminium foil laminated pouches, polyester poly laminated pouches can be easily sealed in continuous process.

* Mainly for puffed food sealing with gas to keep the integrity

* Continuous band sealing from auto flushing and auto sealing

* Mainly suitable for packing puffed food. It is an improved type of automatic film sealing machine. Food in bag can be smash-resistant with gas flushing to prevent damage from the transport.

Specifications :


110/220V 50-60Hz



Sealing speed


Sealing width


Temperature range


Max. conveyor loading


Printing category

Steel wheel printing


Production Samples