Automatic Shell Ice Machine




Fisheries, Aquatic product processing, Foodstuff processing, Poultry meat processing, Vegetable dispatching and preservation, Medical industry, Concrete cooling, Ice Cream Factories, It can be specially designed for fishing vessels using saltwater directly.


The thickness of ice produced by ICEBERG shell ice machine can be adjusted from 3mm to 10mm. Clear, hard all-purpose ice has great lasting quality and can be bagged, blown, conveyed or scooped without deterioration.


Working Principle:

Water flows over both the inside and outside surfaces of the double, tapered, stainless-steel tubes.


Refrigerant fills the space between the inner and outer tube surfaces. Clear ice forms on the tubes. When the ice has reached the desired per-set thickness, the water automatically stops flowing. Hot gas is introduced into the space previously filled with refrigerant, and in short time, release the ice.


The ice falls into a stainless-steel outlet conveyor which breaks the ice into nuggets and discharges them.


Features & Benefits of ICEBERG shell ice machine are as follows:

1. Double, tapered, steel evaporator tubes for fast freezing and quick ice release.

2. Rugged, non-corrosive construction.

3. Ice-making water shuts off during harvest so that no watery ice gets in ice bin.

4. No moving parts in the freezing zone.

5. No cutting blades to maintain, repair or replace.

6. Factory assembled, tested and fully charged with refrigerant.


Production Samples