Automatic Plastic Box Thermo Forming Machine / Automatic Plastic Tray forming / moulding machine

Description :-

This spoon forming machine is used for molding the plastic material as PS/PVC/PET and so on, which is widely used for the mini type soup spoon/ the cover of the dish such as the salver of medicine and coffee etc.

The machine integrates of electricity and optics the technology like: PC auto-controlling, transducer regulating, the piece of material heated up by temperature, molding by air-press to cutting the finished product, and the numbers of the products can input to the machine. The flow is in a high automatic function. It is configure the PLC computer control.


max forming area 350×250mm
max forming depth 40mm
punching frequency 10-30time/min
air pressure 0.5-0.7mpa
total power of eletric source 380v 50hz 5kw
m3/h =0.22

Production Samples