Auger Filling Machine



Applications :

Milk powder, Coffee Powder, Spices, Cassava Flour, Food Products, Toner, Curry Powder, Starch, Dyes Powder, Pesticide Powder, Pharmaceutical Powders and other sticky or non sticky powders etc.


The semi automatic Auger filing machine is most economic solution for filling powders in preformed sachets, bags, containers, bottles and pouches using auger based dosing system.


Available in weigh metric or electronic load cell base. This machine is ideal for filling free flowing or no \n free flowing powders in any type of containers and pouches, the machine operates on the principle of positive displacement screw.


Silent Features :

- For Non Free Flowing Powders

- High Filling Accuracy

- For Pre made Pouches

- Food Grade Contact Parts

- Easy to Operate


Specifications :





10 grms- 100 grms,

20 packs per min.

1-3 gms.

100 grms-1 kg.,

10-15 packs per min.

2-5 gms

1kg. -3 kg-5 kg.

6-10 packs per min.

5-10 gms.

2 kgs- 10 kgs.

5-8 packs per min.

10-20 gms.

Speed and accuracy may vary little bit as per the characteristics of the product.

Packing Material

Pouches, Jars, Bottles, Cans etc.


1.5 kW, 415 Volt, 3 Phase, 50 Hz. AC.


Production Samples