Automatic Liquid (AFFS) Form Fill Seal Machine


Applications :

For Packing Shampoo, Paste, Creams, Hair Relaxer, Shower Gel, Skin Lotion, Toothpaste, Cosmetic cream, Fruit Jam, Edible Oil, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Ketchup, Viscous and Non Viscous Liquids etc

Discription :

The vertical form fill seal machine with volumetric piston filler is best andmost economical solution for packaging need of many industries.
Our machine form bags, sachets or pouches using lay flat flexible rolls, and fill the material (product) and finally seals them.
This machine is used to make center sealed, three side sealed and four side sealed pouches / sachets / bags.

Silent Features :

- Volumetric Filling System

- Fully Automatic

- For Filling Thick Paste, Liquids, Shampoo

Specifications :


Filling range

1.3ml to 30ml
2.50ml to 100ml  (different models)

Speed / output

20 to 40 bags / sachets per minute
(*depending upon flow characteristics of product and pack size)

Sealing Type

4 Side Seal, 3 side Seal

Filling System

Volumetric piston Filler

Filling Accuracy

+/- 2 % Depend on the nature of products

Packaging Material

Any heat sealable film, laminated films

Film Size

Max. Width: 45mm-350mm

Max. Length : 40mm-240mm


0.5 HP Motor, 220V Single Phase, 50Hz

Features :

• Fully automatic, compact and robust machine.

• Top quality components and best workmanship

• Simple and user friendly machine

• Low maintenance and low operating cost

• Digital Temperature Control system

• All Product contact parts are made up of Stainless Steel (food grade)

• Customized to meet specific requirement.

• Require Single Phase power supply only.


Production Samples