Automatic Ice Block Making Machine


Ice Fctories, Supermarkets, Hotels, Aquatic Production Processing, Fisheries, Poultry Processing, Vegetable / Fruits Processing and Preservation, Meat Processing and Cooling.


Iceberg Automatic Ice Block Making Machine is manufactured with the latest technology machine specialized in the ice demand of Africa Countries.


Iceberg Automatic Ice Block Making Machine is especially designed for tropical conditions and coastal climate. All contact parts with brine or water are pure stainless steel SUS304 or galvanized steel.

Ice blocks, standard sizes are:

4.5kg = 11.5 x 9.5 x 48cm

12.5kg = 15 x 13 x 70 cm

20kg = 25 x 13 x 70 cm

25kg = 30 x 13 x 70 cm


These blocks allow easy handling, they are neither too long, nor too heavy.
Other sizes / weights can be made on request.


Production Capacity is available from 200kg – 2 Ton per day.



- Copeland Refrigeration System to guarantee performance

- Thick enough heat insulation for water tank

- Aluminum alloy made ice module

- Customized ice size and cycle quantity

- Water/air cooling for choose

- Easy to Operate and Maintain

- Refrigeration equipment supplier with rich experience

- One stop solution for all cold chain equipments

- We adopt high quality components to guarantee the quality

- Professional team for solution installation and after service.


We also provide different kinds for different purposes including Ice Cube Machine, Flake Ice Machines, Tube Ice Machine, Shell Ice, Industrial Chillers and Cold Rooms.
These products are widely used in large ice factories, supermarkets, aquatic production processing, pelagic fisheries, vegetable/fruit processing and preservation, meat processing and concrete cooling.


Production Samples