Automatic Filling & Capping Machines




Suitable for Packing Mineral Water, Milk, Juices, Ice Tea, Beverages etc. in PET / HDPE / Cans / Containers

Silent Features :

- Automatic Filling & Capping Machine.- Capacity upto 90 Bottles / min.2400 Bottles / Hr.- Material: SS 304 / 316.- Easy Operation & Maintenance.

Discription :

The bottling machine is used in production of non-carbonated drinks in PET / HDPE Bottles and Cans. Rinsing, Functions of Filling and Capping of bottles are integrated in one machine.The most advanced technology from Germany is employed in the design of the bottling machine. The gravity filling system is used in this type of machine. The filling is fast and accurate dosage of material is filled and the he amount of liquid is accurately controlled avoiding any extra dropping or and leakage.

The amount of the drinks in the storage tank is controlled automatically. No Bottle No Fill function is incorporated in the machine. When bottles are cramped wrongly or when caps are not available, the machine can be stopped automatically.

Silent Features of our Machines :
- All the electrical / electronic components are of Multi National renowned companies like Mitsubishi, Schneider and Atonics- Heavy Duty and Long life Motors are Used- Filling tank with level sensor to control water level automatically- Magnetic Torque system for smooth capping

- High speed & precision filling valves to control liquid level accurately and ensure accurate filling

- All Contact Parts made of SS 304 / SS 316 material

Detailed Product Description :
- In feed SS Air Conveyor with Blower- Automatic Filling & Capping Machine Unit covered with SS Frame and acrylic Doors- Out feed SS chain conveyor with gearbox- Inspection Light

- Shrink Tunnel

- Variable Speed With AC Drive


We can customize the machine with customer’s special requirements.