Automatic Cup Stacking Machine / Plastic Cups Arranging Machine

Description :-

Automatic Plastic Cup Stacking Machine is an assistant cup overlapping fitting for plastic cup thermoforming machine. It uses the machine transporting fitting and the structure of the cup, transports the cup after being formed by the cup making machine to the appointed cup overlapping part to overlap the cups, the height of the cups being overlapped can be adjusted to control the number of the cups according to the requirement.

Using the machine can greatly reduce the laboring intensity of the worker, ensure the cleanness and tightness of the cups and solve the difficulty of separating the cups in the behind process, it is an ideal and practical cup overlapping equipment.

This machine is the ideal packing machine in the industry of plastic cup production.


Motor Power(KW) 3 5.5 11
(KG) Cpacity 25 50 100
(R/MIN) Rotating 500 500 500

Production Samples