Automatic Cup / Glass Filling & Sealing Machine


Suitable for Packing Beverages, Mineral Water, Soya Milk, Juices, etc.


This machine is used for automatic filling and sealing of PP / HIPS Cups. This machine is well accepted in market due to its easy operation, and smooth production & low failure rate.

Machine have functions of :

- Automatic Cup Dropping in Moulds- Accurate Filling,

- Photo Cell Control (with PLC)

- Automatic Sealing and Cutting

- Batch / Date Printing

- Cup Discharging

Specifications :
Production Capacity : 32 Cups/min.
Sealing Material : PE, PP, PE/PET
Power : 220V, 2.5Kw
Temperature : 0-300 Deg.
We can customize the machine with customer’s special requirements.

Production Samples