Air Flow Dryer / Powder Air Flow Dryer

Belt Type Dryer
Belt Type Dryer
Belt Type Dryer

1. First, wet materials are put into the hopper of Airflow Dryer, then the heating generator generates hot air which mixes with wet materials and then is sucked into the drying pipes by the induced draft fan quickly.

2. The hot air going though the drying pipes, high temperature air contact with wet material, the moisture on the surface immediately began gasification, the surface temperature will gradually rise. The wet material gets fully dried during the drying process.

3. After the wet materials get dried, the dried materials are usually separated from the drying hot air with a cyclone collector.


Features :-

- The selection of Airflow Dryer models depends on the original moisture content of materials

- Airflow Dryer heat transfer coefficient is higher compared with the ordinary dryer

- Usually contact time is very short, most of the material only between 0.5-5s, the longest 5 minutes, therefore is suitable for drying heat-sensitive materials of low melting point, Airflow Dryer Contact time can be controlled.

- Airflow Dryer is simple, occupy smaller area, so it’s very convenient for smaller working site;

- Wide applicability, Airflow Dryer can be used for various powder materials, mainly sawdust, crushed straw, rice husk and so on.

- This Airflow Dryer can reduce moisture 20%-40% of the materials at one time with the advantages of lower consumption and high efficiency.


Production Samples