32 cavity Compression Cap Moulding / Making Machine

Description :-

Compression Molding is a well known Technology, worldwide.  Today, most of the caps for soft drinks and water, are produced on Compression Molding Machines, since this process uses air compressor to provide the pressure. The pressure is much higher, stable and provides even pressure to every mould. So the caps made by this process are smoother and with a tighter structure.

The cap production is much faster and of even quality and the power consumption is also much lesser than an injection molding machine.


Caps made by compression molding have better geometrical features and are more consistent compared to the injection process and allow the user to employ a wider range of raw materials.

The machine makes soda and mineral water bottle caps from plastic granular raw material which is fed via the hopper, fluidized with high temperature, and then forms die block that is extruded from the discharge outlet of the extruder, cut with the cutting tray, uniformly distributed into each die cavity and finally mould pressed.

Continuous compression moulding machine for plastic cap manufacturing via the extrusion of dry-blend granulated compounds (i.e. HDPE, PP), metering, pelletting and insertion in the cavities to mould it into the final, well defined shape. Machine capacity depends heavily on compound properties and the geometry of the manufactured caps.


Features :

- Fully automatic, runner less, reducing your costs of labor and power up to 30-60%. 

- 2-3 times faster than production than injection molding.

- Driven by pneumatic system, wearing of parts reduced to the minimum level.

- Key components easy to be assembled and disassembled.

- Stable grammage and wall thickness & consistent output of caps.

- Standard components resulting in flexible interchangeability.

- Optimized design, user-friendly control panel, speed of production adjustable.

- Low Rejection Rate.

- High Finish.

- Less scrap.


Max. Cap Diameter: 60mm
Min. Cap Height: 15mm 
Max. Cap Height: 25mm
Production by 24 Hours: 360, 000~430,000PCS for dia. 30mm cap 
Installation Power: 60 KW (50HZ) 
Working Power:  40 KW 

Cap making Flowchart