12 Heads Oil / Lubricants Filling Machine / Multi Head Lubricants / Oil Filling Machine

Description :-

This machine adopts linear filling, electromechanical integration control of superior performance which modeling complies with international mechanical design concept. It is mainly applicable to a variety of viscous, non-viscous, corrosive and non-corrosive liquids, and widely used in the quantitative small packages of vegetable oil, lubricants and chemical liquids, and routine chemical industries, etc.

Features :-

1. Adopt PLC control to ensure the performance stability of the system.

2. High quality electrical, pneumatic control components are used for stable performance. 

3. Photoelectric detection system for reliable quality.

4. The leading anti-leakage devices ensure that no leakage occurs in the course of production.

 5.  High and low double speed filling can avoid the overflow phenomenon, and can significantly increase the production efficiency.

6. Single-machine is adapted to multiple varieties, quick and easy adjustment.

Technical Specifications:-

We can customize the machine as per customer’s requirement.

Production Samples


Automatic Oil Filling Machine / Automatic Oil Filler

Description :-

We provide filling systems to fill different nature of products. Oil filling system generally used to fill plastic bottles, glass bottles, and metal containers.


Oil filling machines are appropriate to fill all types of oils such as edible oil, essential oil, cooking oil, vegetable oil, lubricant oil, engine oil, motor oil. We present the edible oil filling machine with advance feature of stainless steel no drip fill heads and on the fly adjustments.


Key Features:-

Smooth and easy to operate

Automatic adjust the filling level to the container

Stainless Steel variable speed Conveyor

Pneumatic Bottle Stoppering Arrangement

Pneumatic operated valve

Pneumatic Diving nozzle

A.C. Drive to Verify the machine & Conveyor’s Speed

Suitable For Filling : Lubricant oil, Edible Oil, Motor oil, Essential Oil, Engine Oil, Cooking Oil, Liquid Soaps, Liquor.

Technical Specifications:-



Filling speed

20-60 Bottle/min

Filling accuracy


Power supply

220/110V 50/60Hz

Air pressure






Filing volumes range

5-100ml 10-280ml 20-500ml 100-1000ml  500-2800ml  1000-5000ml

We can customize the machine as per customer’s requirement.

Production Samples